Higher quality through smarter thinking.

Integri has successfully delivered and supported multiple end-to-end product re-engineering and new software capability projects. There is no substitute for experience and proactive risk management. To enhance the quality and competitive cost of our software development offering, we continually evaluate each project delivery and refine our processes.

Developing better software through Discipled Agile Delivery (DAD).

Integri’s DAD Software Lifecycle is composed of three crucial phases: Inception, Construction and Transition. Each phase is tied to model driven documentation requirements, milestones, and clearly identified entry and exit criteria.

The DAD lifecycle process integrates the activities of the project into an engineering-based, disciplined model to define a distinct set of activities, actions, tasks, milestones, and work products that are required to engineer high-quality software. The plan integrates the facets of software engineering, project management, organizational process management, and support activities into a DAD process.

You can learn more about Disciplined Agile Delivery here.