Our vast list of capabilities can support any mission.

Integri has become the sought-after partner for quality-driven program management and IT staffing and services expertise due to our proven track record with large scale MRO solutions, our deep expertise, and our vast range of end to end capabilities, including:

  • Project planning and control
  • Systems integration
  • Application and technical consulting
  • Program risk management
  • Software development
  • Metric analysis and reporting
  • Systems engineering
  • Cloud architecture and development
  • Technical consulting
  • Lifecycle logistics support

Why choose Integri?

  • We have developed innovative tools to deliver solutions faster and more cost-effectively.
  • We provide customers with contract-based risk mitigation strategies.
  • Our fully web-architected solutions allow for a secure and stable internet based collaborative environment.
  • We have extensive experience supporting complex MRO deployment strategies, as well as ERP strategies.